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JDH Consultants LLC is a company that recruits in various disciplines in order to provide the best talent available to our clients. We understand that the most valuable asset of any organization is its people. The more skilled and talented the people in an organization, the greater its level of success. We provide the best talent to our clients so that they will grow and succeed and through that success bring growth to the candidates we place with them.


If given the opportunity we can become a partner with you in the hiring process, helping your organization become more successful when it comes to landing the best talent. For many smaller organizations we basically function as the recruiting department of their company. In larger organizations we function as a part of the recruitment team. We do not want to be in competition with the internal recruiting efforts of these companies, we seek to be an additional asset.


We do not advertise for our candidates on job boards or in papers. We are a recruiting company that has developed a network of contacts that can help us find the people that you need. The best candidates are not typically unemployed, looking for work. Many times ads attract the best of the unemployed and the unhappy. We do not run ads; rather, by working through referrals we seek out the best talent available and seek to recruit them for our clients.


We generally work on a contingency basis, meaning that no fee is due until our candidate starts. For certain key positions we are also willing to work on a retained basis to guarantee results within a specified period. We also place people in freelance and consulting positions at an hourly rate.


Whatever your need our staff will help you find the talent you need to move your organization to the next level.

JDH Consultants LLC

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We stand out because of our concern for both our client organizations and our candidates. Our reputation is known and respected, and the stablilty of our staff is a major factor in our relationship with the clients who know us best

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